Recently, on several Facebook groups associating people of culture, I asked about their experiences with the use of EdTech during the implementation of educational tasks in the institution. During the talks, the topic of conducting short audience research or, more simply, polls appeared.

This initial diagnosis showed me that there is indeed a need in the community to study the public’s reaction to specific events taking place in cultural institutions. As a teacher, I would like to add that surveying students after a semester or even after a particular lesson can help the educator in responding to the needs of the audience, planning effective and engaging lessons and developing their own competences.

Here’s what you can use to be able to conduct a quick survey from a smartphone that everyone has in their pocket these days:

  • Google Forms – is a free tool and if the survey is not too long and too complicated, it can be very helpful;
  • Poll Everywhere – brilliantly simple, but you can collect only 2,500 votes for free;
  • Ahaslides – the free version is limited to 7 logged in participants; however, you can create presentations with questions without restrictions;
  • Mentimeter – the free version is limited to two slides per session; however, there is no limit to the number of participants;
  • SurveyLegend – limitation in the form of a maximum of 3 active surveys;
  • Celpax – is a device for testing the mood in the company. The creators send the first piece for free, as long as we undertake to return it at our own expense when we stop using it and undertake to use it regularly.

Of course, this list could be much longer, but I think less is more.

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