During the initial research on the topic of using EdTech in cultural institutions, I learned about the ThingLink application, which is used, among others, by The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. I think it will be love at first sight.

ThingLink is an educational technology platform that makes it easy to enrich your images, videos and virtual walks with additional information and links. ThingLink is quite intuitive and easy to use, which is an advantage for cultural educators and teachers who are usually overloaded with work. Participants in meetings in institutions and students are helped to be fluent in using different types of media to express themselves in and out of the classroom.

Being a mobile app, Thinglink is perfect for taking notes and saving observations coupled with direct audio to images recording.

When it comes to virtual walks, thanks to this application, you can provide access to real environments and situations that would otherwise be beyond people’s reach, e.g. when introducing restrictions regarding access to a given institution. Interactive 360 ° images and videos help develop contextual understanding, academic vocabulary and skills in remote locations, cultures, work environments or social situations.

Below are some links to interesting projects, including the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw:

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