tik tok

While asking about the use of EdTech in cultural institutions, I learned how the Emigration Museum in Gdynia uses the Tik Tok application to communicate with the young generation. After installing and visiting the profile, I concluded that the education department knows what it is doing.

Here are a few of their most viewed posts:


Czy są tu fani #kpop i koreańskiej kultury? Pozdrowiamy @koreanka.pl 🇰🇷! #korean #museum #historia #bookclub #ciekawostka

♬ Alligator – MONSTA X

Grzegorz Jędrek writes more about Tik Tok and other tools useful in communicating with potential recipients on his blog wniedoczasie.pl (in Polish).

The Emigration Museum uses the Kahoot app during educational activities to see how much participants remembered from the meeting and to add an element of engaging fun. The educators of this institution also reach for applications for creating memes and gifs.

The Museum’s education department is very active, on the website you will find a lot of materials, lesson plans and a rich educational offer (in Polish).

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