Recently, I was researching various tools for use as a whiteboard for distance learning. I came across many exciting proposals, of which I chose one – Jamboard.

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard from Google that empowers teams and classes to collaborate. From my point of view, this is a crucial functionality. Each participant, whether during lessons or workshops organized by a cultural institution, can co-create the final product: patchwork, collage or information board. They can do this without having to log in – all you need is a link with the appropriate permissions. Below there is an example from Victoria Lowe, a teacher in New York.

Working with Jamboard, you can work anywhere because it works on various devices, from a computer to a tablet to a smartphone. So what can you do in Jamboard?

  • draw with different pens and colours,
  • collaborate with others at the same time,
  • add post-it notes cards, how useful for brainstorming,
  • insert photos, illustrations and stickers.

A quick guide to Jamboard.

Other apps that also enable multiple people to collaborate at the same time include whiteboard.fi, Mural, Miro, Ideoflip, Aww App, Explain Everything. And the typical whiteboards controlled only by the teacher: Open Sankore, ZenPen, Educreations.

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