museum digitally

During a study visit to the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, I had the opportunity to learn about the ways of using EdTech tools by educators of this institution.

POLIN educators often use quiz apps: Kahoot! or Quizizz. They use them at the end of work with groups to consolidate and check the level of assimilation of the information that participants worked with. EdTech also appears at the beginning or during meetings as a tool designed to encourage participants to participate in conversations and discussions actively. This is where Mentimeter comes in handy, a tool very similar to Ahaslides I’ve already posted about. Educators are also familiar with meme and puzzle generators, the Zoom webinar platform and the application.

However, the most vital aspect of the work of the POLIN education department team is the relationship with other people. Therefore, digital tools do not dominate, but are rather an addition to meetings, both in the Museum building and the virtual ones. EdTech plays a supporting role here. And all the time, the educators are looking for tools that bring people closer together, reflecting the activating methods.

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