EdTech as viewed by cultural institutions’ employees

At the end of 2020, I conducted an online survey addressed to employees of cultural institutions and people involved in artistic activities, with the help of which I asked if and what EdTech tools they use in their current work.

More than half of the people (56%, N: 25) replied that their organizations/institutions use EdTech tools.
According to the indications (N: 14, multiple-choice question), EdTech tools are most often used during/for:

  • remote educational activities: 100%,
  • as an online product (e.g. podcast, vlog, screencast, virtual walk, application): 71.4%,
  • on-site educational activities (e.g. museum lessons, educational concerts, workshops, guided tours): 57.1%,
  • for researching the needs and opinions: 50%,
  • in educational materials made available online: 42.9%.

At the same time, all the people who answered the question about the usefulness of EdTech tools (N: 14) found them helpful (28.6%) and very helpful (71.4%).

Cultural institutions’ employees (N: 14, multiple-choice question) see the greatest potential of EdTech tools in the context of cultural and artistic education in:

  • increasing the involvement of participants: 100%,
  • presentation of content by educators: 64.3%,
  • teamwork opportunities: 64.3%,
  • conducting quizzes: 64.3%,
  • obtaining participants’ opinions: 64.3%,
  • brainstorming: 57.1%.

In the case of organizations and institutions where EdTech tools are not used in contact with the audience (N: 11), the barrier is the lack of knowledge of these tools (72.2%), or it results from a conscious choice of direct contact with the audience (54.5%). The lack of a budget (27.3%) and the lack of appropriate equipment (27.3%) are also factors that prevent the EdTech tool from appearing in the current work of educators and animators.

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