I invite children (over 10 years of age), youth and adults for individual and group meetings. I run classes for the inhabitants of Szczecin in Prawobrzeże (Kijewo) and the city centre. I run lessons online for people outside of Szczecin.

I conduct classes in the form of conversations and regular courses, where my main goal is to help my students acquire the ability to speak freely, distinguish and understand various accents, and help overcome inhibitions.

In case of urgent need, I invite you to one-time meetings or a short series of classes (emergency English), aimed at correcting errors and systematizing knowledge in a given field.

As a tutor, I help in preparing for state and language certification exams. I also run ESP (English for Specific Purposes) classes.

When working with students, I use a blended-learning program combining online tools and traditional methods of foreign language teaching.

I have been translating from Polish into English and vice versa since 2007 . During this time I gained experience in interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) and written translations. Besides, I translate soundtracks (by ear). I have also worked using CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools.

Standard translation work consists of several stages:

  • translating a text into a given language,
  • translation proofreading (when translating to English it’s done by a native speaker),
  • consulting the translation with the client / text author,
  • final verification and translator corrections.

Feel free to contact me also if you need to do express translation or prepare a text summary (abstracts of scientific papers, press articles, etc.), e.g. to identify the occurrence of certain content.

I consult and adapt the assumptions, working methods and the thematic scope of training and workshops to the needs of a given group of participants, taking into account the industry, the context in which the classes are embedded and the expectations of the client. I also help in diagnosing the needs of a given group to create an optimal training offer.

I carry out training and workshops in Polish and English throughout the country and in the border area, both in the form of a series of meetings and one-off classes for groups with different numbers of participants.

During the meetings I present the lecture part, but first of all I focus on allowing participants to practice the acquired knowledge and use the developed competences (learning by doing and experiencing). An important element of my classes are outdoor activities (an active form of education). When preparing training and workshops, I use new technologies (mobile and web applications, multimedia presentations, etc.), and during classes I encourage participants to interact through them in real time. I close the meetings by providing participants with training materials and bibliography.

I carry out training sessions on topics such as:
– communication on social media;
– team communication;
– team integration;
– new technologies in education;
– new technologies in group project work;
– foreign language teaching methodology.

I work with various groups of recipients, including:
– pupils and students;
– teachers;
– journalists;
– members of non-governmental organizations;
– company employees.

I work with voice in two languages: Polish and English. In English I am fluent in several accents: British, American and Scottish.

I put my voice to documentaries and radio productions as a voiceover. I act in radio plays. I read texts for mobile applications and promotional spots.

I act as a moderator of various meetings (company, industry, thematic etc.) and discussions (including business) and as a master of ceremonies during mass events.

In addition to recording, I also process audio files. Also, I cooperate with recording studios.