Danish family therapist and author of many popular science books on parenting. His contribution to modern pedagogy is invaluable. Every teacher and parent should become familiar with his publications.

author of books and an English teacher. Each of his speeches at the conference is very inspiring. I had the opportunity to meet him at the IATEFL Poland 2016 conference. You can meet him on his YouTube channel and Twitter.

a longtime pedagogue, English teacher and owner of the Foreign Language Center Dziewiętnaście77, who on his YT channel offers advice to English teachers. We have known each other for years, and joint talks have influenced our perception of learning, teaching and school in general.

professor of humanities in the field of pedagogy. Author of numerous publications. A trainer in the area of ​​communication and difficult behaviour. I met him at IATEFL Poland 2016, then I took part in the workshops he ran at the Education-Innovation 2016 Conference. It’s worth going to his lecture at least once.

educational psychologist, neuromethodologist, an expert in educational analytics (diagnosis of learning strategies for children and adults). Author and co-author of over 30 educational guidebooks in the field of modern teaching methodology, school safety and support for talent development. She is a frequent guest at Szczecin conferences, so there is a chance to meet her without leaving the city.

child psychologist associated with the trend of Attachment Parenting. The author of books on Attachment Parenting: e.g. “A child up close” and “A child up close goes into the world”. An adviser cooperating with teachers, helping them develop professionally.

an expert in alternative education methods working with teachers, schools, universities, associations and parents around the world. He is the chairman of the Arno Stern Institute (Institut Arno Stern), and also the chairman of the Men of the Future initiative.

author of publications on the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language. Lecturer and speaker who can be sometimes found at conferences in Poland. His book The Practice of English Language Teaching is a bible for every student of English teaching.

co-author of one of the best series of English File textbooks. She is a teaching methodologist, lecturer and speaker at many international conferences.